health projects: let’s drink veggies! after april 4th..

i’m not much a veggie person.  i don’t consume this everyday:

so i decided to ‘drink’ instead of eat.  coz gulping is faster than munching!  haha 😀

i really love to add some freshness taste, so that’s why i never leave the mint leaves behind.  and, to lower down the weird taste of these veggies, as usual, lemon is always my answer.  the sour taste somehow can ‘diverts’ my mind about the mixtures.

i put one full glass of cold water.  but since the veggie portion this time is actually quite a lot, so i end up putting another glass after that.

to tell you the truth, this juice really plays the part.  the veggies part.  what i meant by that – it makes my stomach full.  i think it is more efficient than any protein drinks or soya.  i’m very sure it’s because of the high fibre content.


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